What do we offer?

  • Unequaled musical pleasure
  • Genuine dance atmosphere
  • Choice of music by customers
  • Consultation prior to events – drawing up of playlist prior to event
  • Advice on music (gathered through many years of experience)
  • More than 50 000 music titles and all genres
  • Microphone service
  • Laser lighting (see photos further on)
  • Non-Stop music (No sudden silences)
  • Request service during events
  • Theme party music (60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Country, etc.)

Why You Should Choose Us:

  • Leaders in the business of music entertainment. We specialise in all musical functions.
  • We are registered with SAMRO and may publicly play music as a mobile disco. WE ARE LEGAL.
  • Many years of experience. (Collectively 23 years experience)
  • More than 45 000 song titles from all genres to choose from.
  • We make use of top class DJ software to ensure that you have the best uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Back-up equipment available should there be an unexpected break down of equipment. This is however unlikely as all our equipment are serviced and inspected after each function.
  • Pre-function meeting to compile a playlist. You will know what your guests will hear.
  • Request service for patrons / guests.
  • Highly competitive rates. We will beat any quotation from suitably SAMRO registered DJ’s.
  • We only make use of laser lighting, creating an ambient effect that keep them dancing.
  • Written quotations and invoicing.
  • 24 hour a day access to your DJ’s, should you have that “I’m scared I am going to forget” feeling.
  • At least 2 DJ’s available at all functions.
  • We firmly believe in flexibility and can easily extend the function past the agreed time, should this be requested.
  • We will be at your venue as agreed, taking away the strain of worrying about the music. We can even accommodate to be there earlier to play some background music, while you are doing preparations.

What is SAMRO

SAMRO stands for the Southern African Music Rights Organisation and was established in 1961 to protect the intellectual property of composers and authors, as well as to ensure that composers and authors talents are adequately credited both locally and internationally for music usage. The organisation is the primary representative of music performance rights in Southern Africa.

SAMRO ensures that composers and authors receive the required royalties for the composition of their work.  This is done by the issuing of licenses to people who broadcast ,or publicly perform any music.  This includes restaurants, shops and DJ’s.

Assessments are submitted by registered DJ’s, for which royalties are payable.


Maybe it would not even affect you.  You might hire an unscrupulous DJ who does not care or assures you that it doesn’t matter.

There might however be an official that arrives to check on the license of your DJ.  Should he not be licensed, he will immediately be removed from the function / event, which could leave you with a memory of the event (which no one really wants) and a very red face on your photographs of a (could have been)  memorable event.

DJ’s that are serious about their music and service will be registered with SAMRO and will ensure that their submissions are submitted to ensure that the music industry does not suffer unnecessary losses, as this ensures the livelihood of the composer, artist and ultimately the DJ